London Insights: Guide to WFH Cafes

Anushri Sharma
For those days when you feel like swapping out your PJs for something a bit more stylish (cough cough Amaaris) and taking your Zoom meetings to a café...
This guide will detail the perfect cafe’s to “WFH” in London, curated for students or professionals looking for quiet and productive spaces. 

Chiltern Street Deli 

One of our personal favourites is Chiltern Street Deli, located on the iconic Chiltern Street. With homemade treats and coffee for dine-in or takeaway, plus a curated selection of artisan produce, it's the perfect spot to work in the sun. During breaks from Zoom meetings, you can easily get lost in people-watching—you're likely to spot a cute dog or even a famous face. We wouldn't recommend the matcha, but the iced coffee is absolutely delish!

Soho House Dean Street 

I know what you're thinking... "I come here to get drunk on Saturday nights, so why would I work from here? It just seems a bit incongruous." Well, I've tried it myself, and it's a surprisingly conducive work environment when you don’t have hundreds of people dancing to the DJ upstairs. Just a heads-up: there's no laptop work allowed after 6 pm. (Not that you should be working after 6...if so please speak to HR)


This artisan Danish coffee shop serves up good coffee and delicious buns. With two branches in Kensington—one on Gloucester Road and the other on Launceston Place—it's perfect for early birds, opening at 7:30 AM. The Scandi style adds a cosy, minimalist vibe that makes it an ideal spot to get some work done.

Cromwell Place Cafe 

Tucked away in South Kensington, this spot is great not just for solo working but also for meetings. Bright and spacious with high ceilings, it features stylish chairs and tall mirrors that add to the ambience. Plus, there's a gallery downstairs if you're feeling like getting a bit cultured during your break.
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