London Insights: Uncovering the Finest Vegan Spots

Anushri Sharma


When my sister and cousin embraced veganism, I reluctantly became her dining companion on a quest to explore London's vegan restaurant scene. As a devoted carnivore, I approached each new spot with a large sigh and a dose of scepticism, harbouring preconceived notions about plant-based cuisine. But London’s vibrant vegan eateries have not only shattered my expectations—they've delighted my taste buds in ways I never imagined. These gems are perfect for bringing your non-vegan friends, partners, or family members—they’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was!



Borough Market

Brought to you by the team behind Mildreds, Mallow offers a vibrant setting with a seasonal menu inspired by global cuisines. Highlights include Shiitake Mushroom Croquettes, Spinach Dahi Puri, and Whipped Feta with Quinoa Soil. Their Cucumber and Jasmine soft drink is incredibly refreshing, as is the Lavender and Lemon soft drink. This spot is perfect for lunch on a sunny weekend day.



Tendril is a great choice for an evening outing, boasting dim lighting and a romantic ambience. Given its popularity, reservations are essential. The ‘Chinatown’ Purple Potatoes were a standout, and the Mushroom Skewers were equally impressive. However, I'd skip the asparagus with muhammara; as a lover of Lebanese cuisine, I found the muhammara lacking, which made the dish somewhat uninspiring. Despite this, the diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere make Tendril an ideal spot for a dinner date.


Notting Hill

Farmacy’s menu is entirely plant-based, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives, and chemicals, making it a haven for health-conscious diners. The restaurant’s bright, chic wooden interiors, accented with lush greenery, create a stunning and inviting atmosphere. Must-try dishes include the Loaded Nachos and the Kale Caesar Salad, both of which are flavorful and satisfying. While some options may taste a bit too healthy for my personal preference, Farmacy is an excellent choice for a guilt-free indulgence.

Gauthier Soho


Gauthier Soho offers a unique and unforgettable tasting menu experience that’s worth every moment. Typically, my family and I aren’t ones to linger over meals, but the ambience and culinary delights here had us savouring every bite for hours. Opting for the 7-course menu, rather than the more extensive 9-course option, proved to be the perfect choice for a leisurely lunch.

The Spring Leek and Kelp Caviar Tartlet was an absolute delight, setting the tone for an exquisite meal. One standout was the flaky, mouthwatering pastry with Wild Garlic Pesto—an indulgence that any carb lover would appreciate. The Kohlrabi dish, featuring aubergine, Kalamata olives, spring greens, and confit lemon, boasted a rich, meaty flavour that was simply exquisite.

Gauthier Soho’s tasting menu isn’t just a meal; it’s a journey of flavours and textures that makes for a truly unique dining experience.

These restaurants have redefined vegan dining for me. If they can impress a non-vegan like me, they’re definitely worth exploring.

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